Flower Arrangements for Fall

Dahlias are the perfect choice for a fall flower arrangement and the cornerstone of a stunning bouquet. Michael Russo, Trout Lily’s farms floral designer, has been a dahlia growing specialist for over 15 years and has quality advice for adding them to your flower design collections.

Choose Your Vase

Asides from choosing the flowers you want to use for the arrangement, something else to consider is the vase/container you intend to use. Michael usually starts by selecting the vases and then pairing them with the flower color and shape that best fits them.

Select the Color Scheme

If you’re looking for drama, then you should definitely go for complementary colors like green and yellow or red and purple. Perfectly contrasted flower and urn colors are sure to be the perfect head-turner for your garden. For versatility, Michael usually uses colors beside each other on the color wheel (analogous colors). It gives the flower design a harmonious feel that is perfect for all styles.

Use Surprising flowers

Use unique flower mixtures, even edibles. Go wild!

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