Choosing a Spade and Shovel

A spade and shovel may be the most vital tool any gardener could ever get. For this reason, we believe that choosing your shovel or shade is a decision that should not be made lightly.

One thing to look for in a spade is a resistance to wear and tear. Your purpose for the shovel will also determine the type of shovel to purchase.

Bronze Spade

Made in Austria, it is formed from alloy and some tin for hardness. This spade is lightweight, 114 centimeters long, and the blade is 24 centimeters long.

Temper Drain Shovel

It is very lightweight because its blade is made from carbon steel. Its rubber handles make for easy-gripping and it has a long blade that helps it dig deeper.

Sneeboer Shovel

This is a good choice for patches or compact spaces. The best part is that the blade has a 10-year guarantee, and the handle has a 1-year guarantee.

Golden Shovel

Manufactured by Niwaki, this is a classy eye-catching shovel. While it is slightly expensive, it’s precise in digging because of the angles of the blade.

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