Is Square Foot Gardening Right for You?

Square foot gardening makes use of elevated beds composed of pine, fir, and or untreated cedar. The beds are four feet wide and about four or seven feet in length to permit access to the middle. It is usually about six inches to about one foot deep.
The square footbeds have permanent one-foot divisions, with different plants for the individual foot squares depending on the gardener’s preference. The size of the mature plants will determine how many seeds can be planted per square foot.
Advantages of Square foot Gardening
The Square foot gardening method is famous for its space-conserving benefit. You can save …

Tips on How to Grow Bloomerang Lilac

Bloomerang Lilac are hybrids – they can thrive against diseases and harsh conditions. They are generally low-maintenance and can be used as privacy screens or borders. They can be planted singularly, as well as in groups.
While the Bloomerang may also grow under a partial shade, it thrives and blooms best under the sun.
Like every lilac, the bloomerang does better in soil that is enriched with organic matter. The optimum soil pH ranges from neutral to alkaline. Functional drainage is also vital for proper growth.
Mulching the surrounding bottom of your lilac helps for …

The Best Zone 8 Plants for Your Garden

Plants in a timeless zone 8 gardens must be, to a certain extent, heat-tolerant. You can manage this challenge by irrigation and choosing an appropriate site. Another alternative is to grow something to subdue the summer heat, like an early spring bloomer.
There are flowers to choose from, including classic perennials, bulbs, tubers, as well as ornamental grasses.
Tall Garden Phlox
Phlox Paniculata is an absolute necessity for a summer garden. It blooms almost all year long, gives a spectacular display, and comes in various colors. However, it is vulnerable to powdery mildew, so to reduce exposure, ensure to properly…