Design Tips for a Shaded Garden

Are you trying to grow a shaded garden but failing? Don’t worry. Shades allow you to grow plants that thrive in low sunlight and or have a low tolerance for sunlight. Below are some tips to transform a shaded yard into a relaxing garden. These ideas can be adopted for any garden size.

Add Stone and Water

Shelter from the sun on hot days is one of the many advantages of a shaded garden. Even better will be the relaxing sight of rippling water and stone pavement to stroll on to enjoy the serenity of the garden.

Place Colorful Plants Together

For a big shaded garden, large clusters of plants are better because they have an eye-catching appeal. An added advantage of shaded gardens is that the flowers live longer.

Make Plans for Gathering Areas in the Garden

Under a shade, away from the sun, is the best place to be together with family. You can set up an area in your garden for family/group gatherings depending on your preference. Or it could just be a personal spot for introspection.

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