Knowing Your Plot

Each garden is different, with its own unique set of conditions, and once you know what they are, you’re very close to mastering the art of gardening. Before rushing out to get the plants you think you want for your garden, it is advisable to assess your plot before taking action.
Good soil produces healthy plants. Soil is composed of organic matter (humus) and is bursting with life. Each soil is unique, and so it is crucial to know your soil type. Once you identify the soil type along with its pH, you can find plants that can grow properly in your garden. It is also advisable to enhance the soil by introducing …

How to Plant as a Gardening Beginner

Preparation is a very crucial part of undertaking any endeavor, second only to execution, and gardening is no different. The surest way to make sure that your plants thrive is through preparation and planting. The more attention you give to the soil, the better the resulting plants will be. Taking care of the soil before you “sow” will ensure that you “reap” great rewards afterward.
First things first: Examine the soil
It is vital to examine your soil type before selecting the plants for your garden. This is because plant-soil suitability differs, and some alterations to the soil may be necessary …

Designing a Garden

Designing a garden can be a tad difficult, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. How to evaluate the space, draw a plan, plant, mark up paths and boundaries, etc.; there’s so much to consider about garden design.
Are you starting your garden design with zero ideas? Or you’ve just been given an already designed garden? Whatever your gardening situation may be, we are here to assist you. We’ve put together some garden design features to aid you on your garden design journey.
Know the Basics
Excellence requires knowledge, especially of the basics. You will need to draw up a plan to …