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We are passionate about gardening. Colour, fragrance, beauty, nature, and serenity- these are a few of the words that come to mind when we think of flowers. But let's not forget that there are dirty boots, muddied gloves, and dirt embedded fingernails for every flower you see. We are fascinated by every aspect of gardening- the stressful, the dirty, and the beautiful.
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  • Choosing a Spade and Shovel

    A spade and shovel may be the most vital tool any gardener could ever get. For this reason, we believe that choosing your shovel or shade is a decision that should not be made lightly.
    One thing to look for in a spade is a resistance to wear and tear. Your purpose for the shovel will also determine the type of shovel to purchase.
    Bronze Spade
    Made in Austria, it is formed from alloy and some tin for hardness. This spade is lightweight, 114 centimeters long, and the blade is 24 centimeters long.
    Temper Drain Shovel
    It is very lightweight because its blade is made from carbon steel. Its rubber handles …

  • Is Square Foot Gardening Right for You?

    Square foot gardening makes use of elevated beds composed of pine, fir, and or untreated cedar. The beds are four feet wide and about four or seven feet in length to permit access to the middle. It is usually about six inches to about one foot deep.
    The square footbeds have permanent one-foot divisions, with different plants for the individual foot squares depending on the gardener’s preference. The size of the mature plants will determine how many seeds can be planted per square foot.
    Advantages of Square foot Gardening
    The Square foot gardening method is famous for its space-conserving benefit. You can save …

  • Flower Arrangements for Fall

    Dahlias are the perfect choice for a fall flower arrangement and the cornerstone of a stunning bouquet. Michael Russo, Trout Lily’s farms floral designer, has been a dahlia growing specialist for over 15 years and has quality advice for adding them to your flower design collections.
    Choose Your Vase
    Asides from choosing the flowers you want to use for the arrangement, something else to consider is the vase/container you intend to use. Michael usually starts by selecting the vases and then pairing them with the flower color and shape that best fits them.
    Select the Color Scheme
    If you’re …