Choosing a Compost Bin for your Garden

Every garden needs a compost bin to be complete. A compost bin’s job is to speed-up the natural process of decay of dead and rotten organic matter. It has all the conditions necessary for microorganisms to disintegrate waste and turn them into nutrients to enrich the soil.

Types of Compost bins

1. Wooden Compost Bin

They are usually built with slats allowing air to pass through them, which provides the oxygen needed for the composting process. One disadvantage of this compost bin type is that it is not as heat-conservative as the other types.

2. Plastic Compost Bin

These are the best options for small spaces and outdoor gardens. Unlike the wooden type, their sides are non-porous, so they are better at conserving heat. Weeds also don’t grow since it doesn’t permit light entry.

3. Worm Compost bin

This is a great option for persons with a small outside space but is interested in recycling kitchen waste. These wormeries contain worms that degrade material to produce liquid rich in nutrients that can be used as a fertilizer.

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