Urban Garden Oasis

Gardeners are a very imaginative and optimistic set of people – they can turn almost any place into a magnificent and serene space. What would you do if you had an urban courtyard with red brick walls and all the plant-growing necessities? We’ll tell you what Alecia Manning did – she transformed it into a beautiful getaway just outside her Boston Condominium back door.

Here are some DIY tips for your urban Garden Oasis:

Garden Up, Rather Than Out 

What better way to maximize your yard space than to plant your flowers vertically (on the wall)? It could just give your garden that urban look you’ve been looking for.

Good Use of Furniture

To truly make your garden a haven, quaint outdoor furniture is a necessity. Like Alecia, you may need to do some searching before finding the perfect furniture to fit your small urban garden.

Make Your Yard Space Look Bigger

One of the best ways to make a small seem larger is to add decorative mirrors. You can also add other decorative ornaments to make the space more homely and lively.

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