Knowing Your Plot

Each garden is different, with its own unique set of conditions, and once you know what they are, you’re very close to mastering the art of gardening. Before rushing out to get the plants you think you want for your garden, it is advisable to assess your plot before taking action.


Good soil produces healthy plants. Soil is composed of organic matter (humus) and is bursting with life. Each soil is unique, and so it is crucial to know your soil type. Once you identify the soil type along with its pH, you can find plants that can grow properly in your garden. It is also advisable to enhance the soil by introducing manure and compost.

Sunlight and Shade 

Sunlight is essential for all plants to survive, but some need less sunlight than others. And this is why shading is vital. With a compass, determine the angle of the garden from your house. Generally, sunny gardens face south, and shady gardens face south.


Whether your garden is windy or sheltered plays a large role in determining the plants, you can grow in your garden.

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