Garden Décor – Simple and Easy Ways to Decorate



Summary: The dream of every homeowner is to have a home with a garden – a space which can be used for relaxing and entertaining and also as way to bring the great outdoors just a bit closer.

Garden décor items have been around for years and it is something that is very personal to each individual.  Beautiful gardens are made all the more interesting with unusual pieces of garden art.  The current trend with many people is to choose free flowing gardens with eclectic decorations – even kitsch sometimes.  There are a lot of ideas to ways to bring interest to a garden and here’s a look at some of them.

Garden Décor Ideas:

  • Fencing, Arbors and Doors:  Depending on the size of a garden, pergolas and trellises bring a lot of interest.  Many people are now getting into salvaging old architectural elements like doors, beams and metal items and incorporating into a landscape, as a focal point.
  • Planters: There are so many ways that a garden can be made interesting with planters – items such as old shoes, tires, pots and pans can be used as garden art.  One can find all kinds of interesting ideas to implement.
  • Outdoor Furniture: There are so many items to choose from as far as furniture is concerned – rustic, wrought iron, contemporary pieces like Adirondack chairs and so on.
  • Statues: Saints, cherubs, mythological creatures, animals and many others can be used to bring elegance and also act as a focal point of a yard.  These are available in plastic, ceramic and many other materials so that they can be used near a water feature or elsewhere without worry of deterioration.
  • Water Features: The sound of running water is always soothing and again, depending on the amount of space a waterfall or birdbath would bring birds into the landscape.  Ponds are also a wonderful place to have plants or fish.
  • Folk Art: These pieces are easily found or can be created by hand. Garden chairs, bird houses or even scarecrows.  All of these pieces usually represent simplicity and using materials available to add whimsy to a garden.
  • Oriental influences: It is easy enough to incorporate an element or two and bring harmony and balance to a garden.  Many people use Feng Shui principles and try to create positive energy inside and out.
  • Holiday Décor: Holiday decorations are a great way to change the look of a garden – there are so many holidays that people celebrate – Easter, Memorial Day, Halloween, Christmas etc.  Simple decorations like lights and wreaths can change the look of a yard.