Is Square Foot Gardening Right for You?

Square foot gardening makes use of elevated beds composed of pine, fir, and or untreated cedar. The beds are four feet wide and about four or seven feet in length to permit access to the middle. It is usually about six inches to about one foot deep.

The square footbeds have permanent one-foot divisions, with different plants for the individual foot squares depending on the gardener’s preference. The size of the mature plants will determine how many seeds can be planted per square foot.

Advantages of Square foot Gardening

The Square foot gardening method is famous for its space-conserving benefit. You can save up to 70% of the space by using this gardening method. The bed usually contains fresh manure/compost for fertile growth, and it always takes away the stress of tilling since it’s a soilless mix. It is also easier to tend to and access a square foot garden because of the size.

Disadvantages of Square foot Gardening

It is a cost-intensive gardening method. As a result of the crowded spacing, diseases/infestations can spread fast, and lighting may also be affected.

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