Designing a Garden

Designing a garden can be a tad difficult, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. How to evaluate the space, draw a plan, plant, mark up paths and boundaries, etc.; there’s so much to consider about garden design.

Are you starting your garden design with zero ideas? Or you’ve just been given an already designed garden? Whatever your gardening situation may be, we are here to assist you. We’ve put together some garden design features to aid you on your garden design journey.

Know the Basics

Excellence requires knowledge, especially of the basics. You will need to draw up a plan to figure out what areas to shade, screen, and make seating arrangements if you want.

Border Design

Are your borders large or small? What do you want to plant in them? You’ll also need to consider a color-theme, as well as the planting style.


Garden design is more than the plant choices. What kind of boundaries would you prefer? A fence or a hedge? There’s also the matter of garden paths, along with seating areas.

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